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The WASEDA Teachers’ Union (WTU) has been striving to maintain and improve the labor conditions for faculty and staff members of Waseda University as a labor union. Many of the working, education and research conditions enjoyed by faculty members today are the result of negotiations between the WTU and the Executive Board of the university.
In these negotiations, the WTU normally makes counterproposals from the perspective of protecting the rights of its members, rather than just making objections to proposals made by the Executive Board.

The WTU is also different from Faculty Committees in the sense that it is the only group that is allowed to negotiate the labor conditions for faculty members (including those related to education and research activities) with the Executive Board on a completely equal footing. Without the WTU, our labor conditions could become worse. All faculty members are strongly urged to join so that we can work together to maintain and improve our labor conditions.


①専任教員(教授、准教授、専任講師、教諭) 0.9%(上限6,400円)
②教授(任期付)、准教授(任期付)、研究員 0.5%(上限6,400円)
③講師(任期付)、助教、助手、研究助手 0.1%

◯Union dues

Your union dues will be deducted from your monthly salary and year-end bonus (if you are a full-time faculty member). The amount varies depending on the category of your faculty status.
(1) Full-time faculty member (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or Teacher): 0.9% (Up to 6,400 yen)
(2) Professor (without tenure), Associate Professor (without tenure) or Researcher: 0.5% (Up to 6,400 yen)
(3) Assistant Professor (without tenure), Research Associate or Research Associates (for a research project): 0.1%


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Tel直通: 03-3203-4475
早大内線: 71-5632